We have poster presentations both online and onsite. The posters for award qualification are qualified by the professors and designated referees. The organizing chair encourages all of the poster presenters for exhibiting your high-quality research.

Online participants: Prepare one page poster or some slides for your online presentation.

Onsite participants: Prepare both one paper based poster and online poster. Bring a laptop computer to present your poster online at Kanazawa University.

We will use the breakout room of the Zoom to qualify the both online and onsite posters from online. In addition, the onsite participants will qualify the paper based poster at Kanazawa University. The face-to-face discussion will be more fruitful rather than the online discussion. 

The poster session will be in afternoon on June 7.

The poster session will be in June 6 afternoon. We changed the date due to the arrangement of workshop program. I am sorry for any inconvinience regarding the poster date.

For the onsite poster presenters, the paper poster size is less than the A0 portrate size.